Cantilever shelving


Cantilever shelving, or cantilevered beam, is the best solution for the storage of long and heavy materials such as bars, beams, profiles, sheets, wooden planks, panels and timber in general. The lack of front uprights in fact facilitates the positioning of bulky objects even in different levels of height.

Metalcoop designs each cantilever system in a customized way for maximum flexibility and to guarantee each company solutions that respond from time to time to the various storage needs, handling dynamics, range of capacities, always with maximum reliability.

Metalcoop cantilever racks are characterized by columns made up of two C-shaped profiles and adopt a joint system that allows for the creation of a bolted structure that is easy to assemble and with characteristics of stability and load capacity comparable to a similar welded structure. The arms are adjustable in height, fixed to the column with special pins, also in C-shaped profile, and are welded to sturdy brackets.


Cantilever shelving for all needs

Metalcoop manufactures cantilevers using both mono-frontal configurations, i.e. with the structure adjacent to the warehouse wall to make the most of the surface, and bi-frontal, which allow storage on both sides of the structure with an “isle” configuration.

Besides that, by inserting a continuous top table they can be adapted to the storage of reels, coils, pallets or bulky material of various kinds.

Metalcoop cantilevers can be installed both indoors and outdoors, with the guarantee of weather resistance and maximum durability in any situation, thanks to the different finishes available.

Furthermore, light cantilever racks are available for manual handling but which can also be used with more complex mechanical handling systems. This type of cantilever is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that handle long and bulky products.