Compactable shelving


Metalcoop compactable shelving allows you to make the best use of warehouse and archive spaces, thanks to their ability to be mobile and compactable, thus eliminating the need for space in the corridors between one shelf and another.

The COMPACT-E electromechanical filing system designed by Metalcoop complies with the Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC and subsequent amendments (98/37/EEC). Moreover, thanks to the particular technical solutions that characterize it, it fully complies with the regulations on the safety and health of workers in the workplace D.LGS.626/ 94.


Technical characteristics of Metalcoop compactable shelving

Mobile bases

The mobile wagons are modular and they do not require ground rails embedded in the floor or a connecting platform. They slide on special sleepers that do not obstruct the passage.

Handling group

The wagon is moved by a handwheel placed on the front of the shelving or alternatively with electric motorization. All the movement wheels are connected to the traction unit. The overall handling system is designed to eliminate any transverse stress on the structure.


The runways of the wheels are made of galvanized sheet metal having a thickness of 15/10 (1.5 mm.) in order to do not create a footprint that causes the operators to trip. The guide rail is positioned only on the rear side of the system, this means that it is not necessary to use levelling platforms usually made of wooden material, thus reducing the risk of fires.


Finishes of Metalcoop compactable shelving

Document holder

The document holder elements are made of “C” folded painted sheet metal and riveted to the front casing of the wagon; height 150 mm.

Front panel

The sheet metal of the front panel is anchored to the uprights of the shelf in order to obtain the infill of the same

Back panel

The back panel is made of flat sheet metal also anchored to the uprights

Sliding doors (optional)

Special sliding wheels in high-strength plastic material mounted on ball bearings are fixed on the upper part of the doors, in order to ensure easy handling with maximum silence and excellent durability.


Safety of Metalcoop compactable shelving

The Compact system has been designed in compliance with the strictest safety standards that make it safe to use, both from the point of view of the accident prevention regulations in force aimed at protecting the personnel in charge and from the point of view of the protection of mechanization. It is also equipped with fixed type protections bound to the structure of the single wagons.