These are self-supporting steel structures composed of columns, beams and girders, custom designed and tailored to each customer’s specifications.
For each installation it is necessary a custom structural analysis and frame design taking into account the load requirements of the specific customer, as well as any other project requirement (maneuvering spaces, venue characteristics, features and purpose, etc.), in order to adapt the beam lengths as well as height and position of the columns.
All joints are bolted and no welding is called for during installation; therefore the whole structure is completely unassemblable, upgradeable and moveable.

The main beams and girders are obtained from cold-rolled profiles C240x56x15x4 manufactured from S235JR (EN10025) steel.

The columns are made out of cold-rolled welded tubes 120×120 in size, manufactured from S235JR steel.

The vertical braces are shaped as saltires made with S235JR (EN10025) steel plates with double-eyebolt tensioners.

The walkable surface is made out with a 80 mm “sandwich” of ribbed steel sheet and two-batten Easy HR25 LUXE laminboard.

The railing is designed with 50×50 columns bolted to the beams, while the base is supplied in telescoping segments.

Handrail and crossbeams are made out of chrome steel bars with bundled snap-in joints and stoppers.

Complying with the most current regulations and adapting to the customer’s needs. In compliance with the current safety and comfort regulations, the maximum riser height never exceeds 200 mm and the walkable tread depth is never under 250 mm.
For safety reasons a single flight can never exceed 15 steps.

Safety fold-up gates or simple sliding openings can be tailored to each customer’s needs and supplied as accessory to the structure.