Industrial mezzanines


Industrial mezzanines are self-supporting steel structures consisting of columns, main beams and secondary beams. The best solution to multiply the internal space of your warehouse, they are perfect for archiving or storing materials and any type of finished product or merchandise.

Metalcoop industrial mezzanines are made to a customized design for each customer and for each project a specific structural calculation is made that takes into account the load capacity requested by the customer and any other needs (manoeuvring space, characteristics of the room, intended use), adjusting the lengths of the beams, the height and the position of the columns.

All connections are bolted and no welding is required on site, therefore the structures are completely removable and repositionable.


The basic components of Metalcoop industrial mezzanines are:

  • Main and secondary beams made with cold formed C240x56x15x4 profiles in S355JR (EN10025) steel.
  • Columns made with cold formed and welded tubulars 120×120 in S275JR steel.
  • Vertical X-bracing made with S235JR steel plates (EN10025).
  • Walkway consisting of an 80 mm corrugated sheet metal + Easy HR25 LUXE bi-laminated chipboard.
  • Handrail made up of 50×50 small columns.
  • Handrail and full rising purlins made of chromed steel bars.


Optional components of Metalcoop industrial mezzanines:


Metalcoop is able to produce tailor-made staircases according to the customer's needs, in respect of the safety standards in force which provide for the maximum rise between the steps not exceeding 200 mm, the useful tread never less than 250 mm net in order to avoid ramps with more than 15 steps.



Metalcoop also designs custom-made overturning safety gates or with simple sliding openings.