Multi-level Systems are realised using the Antares ST30 upright and the ST60 upright. They consist of braced sides, floors of different sizes and pedestrian walkways for guaranteeing the access to the different levels.

The continuous drilling of the upright confer an extreme versatility to the multi-level systems, allowing numerous choices regarding the heights of the walkways. On top of this, the wide range of accessories makes the product adaptable to all needs.



The Antares ST30 multi-level system can be used to create plants with a tiered system of access walkways, that conduct to the upper floors.



It is composed by two closed-section uprights, two zinc-coated footplaces and a variable number of cross-beams and bracings according to the height of the component. The standard depths are 400, 500, 600 mm, with heights varying from 2000 to 9000 mm in steps of 500mm.

A description of each component can be found below:

UPRIGHT: Rectangular closed-section shape, seamed on the back along the full height and stiffened with right-angle arrises.

CROSS-BEAMS AND BRACINGS: are made out of a structural zinc cold-coated steel strip with a thickness of 1.0mm and drilled for the interlock with the uprights. The profile is a Metalcoop exclusive, with the drilled area strengthened by no less than five packed folds.

ZINC-COATED FOOTPLACE: built by dedicated automated equipment. The galvanized sheet is of 3 mm thick. Securing the shelving to the floor is a recommended practice, especially for heights above 2500mm, to ensure stability.

ANTI SEISMIC FOOT: Made with S235 steel, and painted. It consists of a base perforated plate thickness of 8 mm and a "sock" of connection to the upright.

VEGA SHELF: It is built by a dedicated, fully automated line.It is obtained by press forming a single, polished DC01 steel sheet with 0.5 mm thickness for shelves with depths 300, 350 and 400 mm, and 0.6 mm thickness for shelves 500, 600, 700 and 800 mm deep.

SPINE BRACING: It is of fundamental importance for the longitudinal stability of the shelving.

BACK-TO-BACK CONNECTION: It is made of two flanged plates built of zinc-coated steel plate 1.5 mm thick.

Multi-level systems has also has the following qualifying accessories: Container shelf side set, Metalcoop multipurpose drawers, doors with swinging leaves and key lock, sliding ladder, coupled ladder, wheeled ladder, catwalk, mezzanine and walkable floor system, planking, walkable surfaces, carriageable surfaces.

ST30 - ST60