Pallet racking


Metalcoop pallet racks are the best solution for storing pallets in the warehouse. Installation is quick, simple and it can be easily adapted to the needs of any company.

The Urano ST90-ST110 rack solution with ST90-ST110 frame is composed of two uprights, two feet and a number of cross-braces and diagonal braces according to the height of the frame. The standard depths are 800-1000-1100mm (EN15620) and the heights vary from 2000 to 9000mm with multiple punching of 75 mm. The frames have to be assembled unless otherwise agreed. This industrial rack for high load capacities guarantees the best storage of pallets with the most varied dimensions.

Components of the Urano system for pallet racking:

  • Upright with rectangular profile with full length seaming and stiffened with useful section 90x60mm (ST90) or 110x60mm (ST110).
  • Cross-braces and diagonal braces with an exclusive Metalcoop profile, with stiffeners and doubling of material pressed together at the ends.
  • Zinc steel foot made of 3mm galvanized sheet with automatic equipment.
  • Anti-seismic foot made with S235 steel and painted. It consists of an 8 mm thick perforated base plate and a “sock” shape reinforcement for connection to the upright.


Composition of the beams for loading pallets:

  • The beams for loading pallets are available in two shapes. The "H-L" shape (60, 80, 100 and 120 mm), exclusively made by Metalcoop with a rectangular shape with rounded edges and a triple-thickness back side for holding the zinc-panels too, and the double-C shape (120 and 140mm) for pallets only.
  • Fastening connectors welded to the beam with special rostrums that contribute to increasing the stability of the rack and all the beams are equipped with safety pins against accidental release of the beam in case of incorrect operation.


For safety and risk reduction, Metalcoop has developed the following optional products:

  • Upright bumper
  • Frame bumper
  • Pallet stop
  • V-Bumper for uprights
  • Mesh side barrier
Pallet Storage
ST90 - ST110