BV1 sales counters and BL2 work tables


Metalcoop is also the perfect partner for the design and construction of sales counters and working or support tables. Metalcoop counters give a professional appearance to resale and they are perfect for those who need large sizes too, thanks to an elegant style and maximum modularity.

Metalcoop BV1 counters are completely modular, with a very solid steel sheet structure and they are available in pre-engineered, fully accessorized modules. Besides that, a wide range of accessories are available such as shelves, drawers of different sizes and even more, thanks also to complete compatibility with ST30 accessories.

Metalcoop BV1 sales counters will guarantee you:

  • Total modularity in order to choose the best layout for your spaces.
  • Flexibility of use for guaranteeing always the maximum ease of movement for employees and customers.
  • Great aesthetic impact thanks to many colours available to improve the shopping experience.


BL2 work tables and benches

If what you are looking for your company is a working table, choose the reliability of the BL2 Metalcoop ones. Equipped with a simple and sturdy metal structure that can be assembled, they are made up of bolted ST60 frames and custom-made beams with interlocking hooks and a rubber or laminate top table. The BL2 worktables or workbenches can be supplied with an additional support surface made by galvanized panels for maximum versatility, which adapt perfectly to your work environments.

Besides guaranteeing maximum reliability, they are durable, easy to clean and with ergonomics that always guarantee user-friendly comfort.

Finally, both the worktables and workbenches are produced with attention to sustainability by Metalcoop, which is a company with an ethical-social certificate.