Smart WMS

Smart WMS is our innovative technology for smart management of your company’s warehouse and storage areas: a service to the customer that allows lower costs, more efficient production processes, as well as greater and more accurate control over material flows in production areas.

The main feature of Smart WMS is integrated and operational warehouse management, through control and handling of the following processes: incoming goods and storage; picking and shipping of goods according to the relevant planning, which can be integrated with the system that handles customer orders.

Moreover, with Smart WMS you have full control, at any time, over the quality of the products, the various inventory activities and management of in-company stock, internal handling operations, reordering and verification of the processing phases underway.

A company’s warehouse is a crucial element and a precious resource. Optimising its management is strategic for achieving a company’s expansion goals, and it can make your company even more competitive on the market. With this approach in mind, we have acquired and developed the necessary technologies in order to offer you Smart WMS. Thanks to this system, you will be able to obtain:

  • A reduction in hours worked by warehouse personnel for optimal warehouse management
  • A decrease in the necessary stock levels, while maintaining the same production levels, which translates into instant savings in terms of financial resources
  • Better customer service
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Increase in your company’s production dynamism

Installing the Smart WMS system at your company’s warehouse is simple and fast, also thanks to the continuous assistance during pre- and post-installation phases that we can provide our customers.

The companies that tried our Smart WMS system could no longer do without it. We understand this perfectly since we, at Metalcoop, use Smart WMS for the integrated management of our own company’s warehouses and storage areas.